Michael Allison - Seaton Garage Eng. Co

“We were looking for a training provider to improve our quality of service and knowledge, Andrew Page offered the service we had been looking for (and their reputation was known to us). They are an excellent Vehicle diagnostics vendor, offering the kind of quality training that's getting harder to find these days. Their knowledge was excellent and they spoke to us in simple language that we could understand. I would highly recommend any of the courses they do to anybody wanting to better themselves.”

Peter Cracknell - Fairdeal Motors

‘‘I started my training as I wanted to gain more qualifications. Technology of modern cars is continually developing and it would not be possible to keep up and continue to provide a good quality service without appropriate training. I have found the Bosch technical training beneficial; all knowledge is of value in day to day work.  I am working towards the Bosch / IMI Diagnostic Technician qualification and  I have learnt a lot and gained confidence and enthusiasm for tackling challenging diagnostic faults.
I have already recommended these courses to colleagues who have also found them useful and will continue to do so.’’

Simon Green - Simon Green Motor Engineers

"Being an independent garage for nearly 20 years means we have seen many dramatic changes in our industry, not only technically, but legislatively. It was obvious the only way to survive in these changing times was to invest, not only in the right equipment, but also in training. AutoEducation, backed by two of the worlds largest OE manufacturers, Bosch Automotive and Delphi, was the answer. I have personally attended many of the scheduled courses and found them informative and value for money."

David Connolly - Spring Lane Garage
Course Attended - VSTD9 Oscilloscope Operation & Test Procedures

‘‘I attended the VSTD9 Oscilloscope course at Solihull College over 2 days which was taught by one of the Andrew Page trainers. I am glad that I went on the course as it was very informative, with the information that I learnt, I gained a better understanding of how to get the best out of the scope which I will use back in the garage.’’ 

Matthew Hawkings - Electro Mechanica
Course Attended - VSTD9 Oscilloscope Operation & Test Procedures

‘‘I mainly work on diesel engines in the workshop; I would recommend it to any one else who works with an oscilloscope. It’s an informative course which gives you really good information; you learn a completely different way of diagnosing faults.’’

James Richardson - K Brown
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures

‘‘I couldn’t have found a better person to train me for this exam, confidence not being my strong point, the Andrew Page trainer made things really easy. I learnt a lot and highly recommend going on one, I can now test equipment more effectively and solve problems easier at work.’’

Andy Johnson - Austrin Engineering
Course Attended - VSTD7 Bosch KTS 5xx/6xx Diagnostic Testers

‘‘On face value the KTS system looked daunting so I enrolled on the KTS course to better understand the Bosch diagnostics equipment so I could get the best out of it due to the growing need for wider coverage and coding on vehicles. With guidance from the instructor it was easier than it looks, so yes I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague.’’

Toby Buckland - APS GB LTD
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures

‘‘I was very pleased with my introductory course to the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme. Work sent me and I felt like I learnt a lot on it; I thought that it would be very useful to me in the workshop. At the beginning of the course I felt like I had very little knowledge of vehicle electronics, now I’m confident enough to do the electronics on vehicles in the workshop using what I learnt.’’

Steve Rogers - Injection & Carb Clinic
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures

‘‘I would recommend these courses to other people in the industry because I found it very helpful and I gained a lot of knowledge and interest about the subject. I believe it would benefit others because I learnt things that I didn’t know before the course which I can use back at work.’’

Brett Jim - Solihull College
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures

‘‘I was given very positive information about the course before I went on it by my head of department and I found it to be an excellent course which I personally would recommend to others. After being on the course I feel that I have increased my knowledge of electronics and I found the course over all to be excellent.’’

James Hirst - Humbles Garage
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures

‘‘I’ve always wanted to go on a Bosch training course. I’ve definitely learnt more in the two days that the course was run, than I have done in the 3 years that I’ve had at college. The trainers were very helpful, the course was explained easily and the demonstrations were really helpful, I'd recommend this to anyone.’’

Johnny Maude - Redwell Garage
Course Attended - VSE1 Essential Test Procedures 

‘‘Before this course I had limited knowledge in electrical testing and wanted to learn more about it, after attending I’ve feel like I have definitely benefitted. I would recommend others to go on this course, I thought that it was well taught and very informative.’’

Craig Dixon - Dixon’s of Pudsey
Course Attended - Air Conditioning One day Course

‘‘As we were legally required to take this course as part of the new legislation changes which came into force in July 2010, I attended the 1 day Air Conditioning course which was held at the Wakefield Skills Centre in August. I would recommend the Andrew Page training concept to other businesses within the industry as I found it to be beneficial and informative; the course was well set out with excellent instruction by the Andrew Page trainers who I found to be well presented and helpful, this course has improved my business potential.’’

Mark Bibby - Steve Barraclough Motor Engineer
Course Attended - VSTD7 Operation of Bosch KTS 5XX / 6XX Diagnostic Testers

“Having just invested in a new Bosch KTS 670 machine from AP-Tech, we wanted to make sure we were accustomed to using the new diagnostic kit by booking ourselves on a 2 day Operation of Bosch KTS 5xx / 6xx Diagnostic Testers Auto Education training course.
Both Steve and myself found the training very beneficial and now feel up to speed with the functionality of the KTS. Overall we thought the course was really well organised and would recommend to other garages that training is essential to keep up with current and future technology.”

John Delany - John Delany Motors

"AutoEducation provides an all-round training solution to my business and takes the concern out of finding the right type of training at a time and local venue to suit my business. The Technical obstacles that all workshops face today are addressed in a comprehensive series of courses and reinforce my commitment to assist my staff in their own personal progress, at the same time benefiting the business."

Lloyd Fowler - Gainsborough M.O.T. & Service Centre

"As an employee of Gainsborough M.O.T. & Service Centre, I have attended many of the excellent AutoEducation courses. Knowing my employer is prepared to invest in my personal future has given me a real sense of value to the business and in return, I continue to see this as a long-term career, with a real future."

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"AutoEducation provides an all-round training solution to my business and takes the concern out of finding the right type of training at a time and venue to suit."

"I have personally attended many of the scheduled courses and found them informative and value for money."

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