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True or False

New York is the most expensive city in the world for car parking.
False! It’s Oslo with car parking costing up to £56 per day in the business districts. Parking in London’s financial heart can cost up to £692 a month.


The largest speeding fine ever given was £650,000.
True! This was given to a Swedish man who was caught driving at speeds of up to 186mph in Switzerland, more than 2 and a half times the speed limit. Unluckily for this unfortunate chap, Switzerland has no fixed penalties for speeding but it is worked out on salary and speed! He did offer an explanation though, he suggested that the speedometer must be faulty, despite the fact it took him over half a kilometre to slow to a stop!


A car has been developed that runs entirely on coffee as a fuel source.
True! It’s called the Car-puccino and is estimated to cost between 25 and 50 times more than a normal car to run! It glugs up to 56 espressos per mile!


On average, drivers spend a week of their lives waiting at red lights.
False! It’s a staggering 2 weeks!


Ferrari is the world’s most profitable car manufacturer.
False! It’s Porsche!


The Rolls Royce hood ornament is called The Spirit of Ecstasy.
True! The designer was in love with the muse for the ornament. Originally she was posed with a finger to her lips, but this was later changed to the modern version with her arms behind her.


In Japan, a car has been developed for dogs to drive on specially formulated tracks.
False! For now, dog transport is limited to skateboards if they can master them.


On average there is about 3000 feet of electrical wiring in every car.
True! That is almost ten Big Bens stacked on top on of one another!

Henry Ford offered black as the only colour for his cars because a poll showed this was considered to be the most popular due to the expectation it would look cleaner for longer.
False! Black was used because it was the only paint type that dried fast enough to keep up with production of a car every 15 minutes.

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