Scope Signals

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Scope Signals

Oscilloscopes are electronic instruments used to observe and measure changing electrical signals. They measure 2 things, voltage and time (also known as the frequency).

Early oscilloscopes (analogue types) used CRT (cathode ray tube) technology; these are sometimes called ‘live scopes’. In the 1980’s the digital oscilloscope became more common; the digital storage uses a fast analog-to-digital converter and memory chip to record and show a digital representation of a waveform, making analysis easier than before. These new scopes were more advantageous than the ‘live scopes’ because they were more cost effective, versatile and user friendly. 

The digital scopes rely on effective use of the memory and trigger functions. If the unit doesn’t have enough memory then the user will miss the events they are monitoring thus making it harder to evaluate the voltage flow and frequency, too much memory and the unit will not be triggered as desired thus making it difficult finding the event.

The use of oscilloscopes is vital for the diagnosis of system faults. Scopes used on automotives are capable of displaying ignition patterns have set menus which are inbuilt in the section of primary or secondary display. 

If you would like to find out more about oscilloscope and wave formation, then why not try our Bosch VSTD9 Oscilloscope Operation and Signal Test Methods course available at all regional venues. Click here to see the course over view.

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