IMI Research Highlights the Parts That Need More Training.

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IMI Research Highlights the Parts That Need More Training.

The IMI conducted its largest ever research project into the automotive skills needs to enable sector employers to prepare for the future. The in-depth granular research was conducted across a variety of job roles within twelve automotive subsectors to ascertain what skills training needs employers consider to be highest priority.

The IMI is using the research findings to ensure its programme of continuing professional development (CPD) and training/assessment provision supports employers in up-skilling staff to meet current and future needs.

The top level research identifies that 76% of retail motor industry businesses have provided training for their employees, but worryingly only 57% plan to offer it in the next two years. Nearly half believe training is too expensive and others either can’t afford to have staff out of the business, can’t find good local provision or simply don’t believe benefits business performance.

But, evidence from an independent return on investment (ROI) study demonstrates that employing individuals who have been trained and assessed as competent (ATA) generate a 98-187% £ROI giving businesses increased profitability, higher staff retention and greater customer satisfaction.

To see the research summary report highlighting the top five skills needs for Parts Advisors, Warehouse Staff, Management staff and Customer Service Providers, go to


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