Hybrid Regenerative Braking Systems, The Next Generation of Braking

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Hybrid Regenerative Braking Systems, The Next Generation of Braking

The kinetic force of braking can now be used in hybrid and electric vehicles as a capture store, to re-use as electric energy; this new technology is called regenerative braking systems.

The definition of regenerative braking is ‘the capture of momentum from slowing the vehicle down so that the energy from the vehicles moment is not lost’. Hybrids and other electric vehicles capture the energy generated from braking as electricity for re-use by the drive train. Other vehicles capture the regeneration braking as a kinetic force to be released later to assist the powertrain or other under-the-bonnet components. 

A good example of this new braking system is in the Toyota Prius; the motors which give the car locomotion are turned in reverse during braking turning them into generators, returning the power to the batteries to regenerate them.

In this system the amount of brake pedal pressure denotes how much braking power is manual versus how much electrical energy is recaptured. This means that the harder the pedal is pressed, then the more effort is used to stop car, most hybrid and electronic cars work in similar fashion. To help with this, software is also used to control the amount of braking that is regenerative and how much is manual.

Regenerative Braking was first seen in the mass transit industry, this means trains and trollies. Electrical trains don’t use manual brakes but instead use a similar system to that of a hybrid called ‘traction motors’, these electric motors are used in order to provide resistance to the wheels turning thus slowing the moving vehicle down. Developing these systems has helped to build regenerative braking before being brought into and developed by the automotive industry. Most systems developed today automotive sector started early life in the on rail systems.

Recapture braking will become more common in vehicles as the technology develops as all vehicles can eventually benefit from it.

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