Common Rail Systems

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Common Rail Systems

Diesel engines are undoubtedly shedding their old image; they are no longer seen as fuel guzzling, noisy and smoky and they are becoming evermore popular. The technology of direct fuel injection systems has helped to transform the perception of Diesel cars.

The common rail system is a modern variant of direct fuel injection systems. It has helped to further reduce noise and fuel emissions in Diesel engines, with a more economical and smooth engine.

In this type of system, diesel is drawn up through the transfer pump and filter and then stored under high pressure (up to 1700 bar) within a distributor rail - known as the common rail. This works independently of engine speed and quantity of fuel injected.

The fuel is then fed through rigid pipes, which can withstand extremely high pressure, to the injectors which inject the correct amount of fuel in a fine spray into the combustion chambers.

This is controlled by the Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) which uses maps to precisely control all injection parameters, such as pressure, timing and duration of fuel injection. This also means smaller, more precise quantities of fuel can be delivered and a finer, more accurate spray that supports better combustion and atomisation.

The main difference between the common rail system and other injection systems is that the pressurization and injection processes work completely independently of each other. This allows more adaptability in the injection processes so the individual needs of each specific application are met more efficiently.

If you want to learn more about working with common rail systems, our Common Rail System Diagnosis course is ideal for you!

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