How do Hybrids Work?...

How do Hybrids Work?

A hybrid is defined as something that is made of two kinds of components producing the same or similar results.

24th Aug 12 15:19

True or False...

True or False

New York is the most expensive city in the world for car parking. False! Itís Oslo with car parking costing up to £56 per day in the business districts. Parking in Londonís financial heart can cost up to £692 a month.

24th Aug 12 15:04

Common Rail Systems...

Common Rail Systems

Diesel engines are undoubtedly shedding their old image; they are no longer seen as fuel guzzling, noisy and smoky and they are becoming evermore popular.

30th Jul 12 8:52

Anti Lock Braking Systems...

Anti Lock Braking Systems

The aim of ABS is to prevent skidding, loss of control and to maintain traction with the road. ABS pumps automatically prevent wheel lockup and allow the driver to concentrate on steering safely.

25th Jun 12 16:54

Delphi Expands New Global Training Centre in Warwick...

Delphi Expands New Global Training Centre in Warwick

Delphi recently updated its global training centre in Warwick, United Kingdom to provide an state of the art learning environment for its global customers, including franchise technical staff

21st May 12 15:33

Scope Signals...

Scope Signals

Oscilloscopes are electronic instruments used to observe and measure changing electrical signals; they measure 2 things, voltage and time (frequency).

16th Apr 12 11:28

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) ...

The Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine by reading values from a multitude of sensors within the engine bay.

14th Mar 12 15:59

IMI Research Highlights the Parts That Need More Training....

IMI Research Highlights the Parts That Need More Training.

The IMI conducted its largest ever research project into the automotive skills needs to enable sector employers to prepare for the future.

9th Mar 12 14:11

Hybrid Regenerative Braking Systems, The Next Generation of Braking ...

Hybrid Regenerative Braking Systems, The Next Generation of Braking

The kinetic force of braking can now be used in hybrid and electric vehicles as a capture store, to re-use as electric energy; this new technology is called regenerative braking systems.

18th Jan 12 14:01

Service for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles Part 2- How Hybrids Work?...

Service for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles Part 2- How Hybrids Work?!

There has been a significant increase hybrid cars on the road in the past few years and with many automotive manufacturers in the industry set to announce their own versions,

1st Dec 11 10:23
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