One Day Courses...

One Day Courses

Our new courses are a truly cost effective and convenient way to get up to speed on the latest automotive systems! Covering a wide range of subjects, these courses have been written and developed by our own fully qualified technical trainers.
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Vehicle Electronics...

Vehicle Electronics

Virtually every part of the modern car now has some form of electronic control. These courses cover anything from basic electronic testing using a multimeter to the testing of sensors and components where an oscilloscope is necessary due to the speed and complexity of the signals. The programme then moves on to high end ECU control and microelectronics for those technicians who are serious about diagnostics.
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Engine Management...

Engine Management

The Engine Management Programme structure is designed to cover all aspects of fuel injection, electronic ignition and emissions, including component function, actuators, sensors and diagnosis.
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APb2 Advanced Braking ABS/ESP & Body Control...

APb2 Advanced Braking ABS/ESP & Body Control

This programme is aimed at those technicians who wish to explore the more complex systems fitted to modern vehicles. Everything from basic to advanced ABS with ESP moving on to body control systems including airbags, supplementary restraint, comfort systems, Can Bus and multiplexed networks.
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Diagnostic Equipment Courses...

Diagnostic Equipment Courses

A range of user courses designed to ensure that you get the best from your diagnostic equipment. All courses are brand specific and focus on the functions of the tool rather than the vehicle system. Whether you are purchasing a new unit or need staff training on an existing platform, these courses represent excellent value.
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Diesel Systems...

Diesel Systems

This course programme is designated for technicians employed in Diesel Specialist workshops and involved in the diagnosis of diesel systems on vehicles in conjunction with pump or injector repair.
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