Oscilloscope Operation & Signal Test Methods

VSTD9 A Bosch Certified Course

This course has been developed for garage service technicians who carry out fault diagnosis testing on vehicle systems, electrical circuits and components.

With modern vehicle technology, the oscilloscope testing of electrical signals is becoming more important as an aid to diagnosis. Digital oscilloscopes are more widely available and increasingly utilised for the test of signals passing between electronic systems and the respective actuators and sensors. This course is an introduction to the skills required in using a typical Automotive Oscilloscope for fault diagnosis.

The theoretical and practical instruction will provide technicians who have a thorough understanding of vehicle electrical testing using multi-meters, with the skills required for operation and application of a typical oscilloscope. The practical tasks will be carried out using Bosch digital handheld oscilloscope equipment.

Completion of course VSE1 "Essential Test Procedures" is a prerequisite to attending VSTD9 and delegates should be fully conversant with the electrical values of voltage, current, resistance and the use of a multi-meter. Prior attendance on the appropriate equipment user’s courses is recommended.

Modules and subject areas:

  • Review of the oscilloscope
  • Display, controls adjustments and settings
  • Connections and test methods
  • Waveform interpretation and analysis
  • Typical defective signals
  • Waveform display methods
  • Typical applications and signal examples

On successful completion of VSTD9 delegates will be able to:

  • Connect a typical automotive oscilloscope to a vehicle system and display the signal so that it can be clearly seen and remain stable on the scope display.
  • Adjust typical oscilloscope controls and settings to alter and change the signal displayed so that individual parts of the signal waveforms can be analysed.
  • Analyse and compare wave forms to determine indications of signal input / output response, fault areas and periods of signal failure or interference.

To take full advantage of this course we recommend, if possible, that candidate bring their own Oscilloscope for example purposes.

What do other people think of this course?

‘‘I attended the VSTD9 Oscilloscope course at Solihull College over 2 days which was taught by one of the Andrew Page trainers. I am glad that I went on the course as it was very informative, I gained a better understanding of how to get the best out of the scope which I will use back in the garage.’’ David Connolly - Spring Lane Garage

Price: £370 + VAT

Duration: 2 day

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